Nearby Attractions

In our beautiful surroundings, there are many attractions and beautiful excursion sites. See some of them:


Fåfängan is located on a small hill that is about 100 meters from Yours Sushi & Thai. On Fåfängan you get 360 degree stunning views of Stockholm. The picture below is a view from Fåfängan. Reading more about Fåfängan.

Pre-Order Takeaway with us at 08-641 7505 and enjoy the beautiful views and good food at the same time. You can also come down to us from Fåfängan and eat when you are hungry and go up again after eating. Have a glorious and relaxing day on Fåfängan!

Spårvägsmuseet och Leksaksmuseet


Stockholm Transport Museum and Toy Museum

Both museums are located in the same building and have the same entrance on Tegelviksgatan 22, opposite Yours Sushi & Thai. With an entrance fee you can get access into two museums. Here, both adults and children will experience Stockholm's history in an exciting and educational way.

Read more about Stockholm Transport Museum and Toy Museum

After the visit, go across the street to Yours Sushi & Thai to eat good food. Welcome to us!

Norra Hammarbyhamnen

Norra Hammarbyhamnen is the northern part of Hammarby Sjöstad. It is ca 50 meter from Yours Sushi & Thai to the harbor. After good food at Yours Sushi & Thai, it's nice to take a walk at the harbor and see Hammarby Lake with lively boating. You can also take a free boat trip with the

ferry Hammarbyfärjan on Hammarby Lake!

Read more Norra Hammarbyhamnen

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